Show Day Routine

Hey guys and happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, I am really excited to pop on here today and talk about one of my favorite days! Last night I had the opportunity to play at the Rev Room in Little Rock with my boys from Backroad Anthem. We had such a blast and show days are truly one of my favorite parts of this job. The excitement, energy and fun is unbeatable.

That being said, the whole day is pretty long so  I thought I’d share a little with you guys about my show day routine.

First things first, I start my day by getting my first hot tea whether it’s from my favorite local coffee shop or America’s favorite…Starbucks. I always get mint tea with honey because it’s great for my voice and helps to warm up and open my vocal cords for the day. If I’m having a day where I feel like my voice isn’t 100% I get it brewed with apple juice because it helps to coat my throat a little more, and adding the extra sweetener is always nice too. Starting my day with warm tea is definitely a must for show days.

Throughout the day, I try to take some me time because as the show gets closer I become extremely busy until the second I get on stage. The couple hours prior to the show are filled by hair and make  up, load in, sound check and hanging out with the band.

Leading up to the show there is a lot of excitement and work that goes into making it all happen. Obviously the best part of the day is getting to play live music with the band, and the excitement all leading up to show time is what makes these show days some of my favorite days.

Have a great rest of your weekend guys and be on the lookout for more blogs and vlogs soon!






Introducing Me!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog! I’m SO excited to begin personally sharing with you guys on here. For this section of the site, I will be giving you all updates, behind the scenes, and what it’s like to be in the music industry as a singer-songwriter living in Nashville, TN. I recently moved here and have loved exploring the city, and can’t wait to begin taking you all along with me.

Country Music Hall of Fame

As an artist, my goal is to take my experiences and share them with you through lyrics and through music in general. With this platform, I want to engage more by taking you all through my journey day to day while also diving deeper into what makes me the artist I strive to be. With that being said, I look forward to popping in here at least weekly to share all sorts of fun things.

Southern Grounds

So before I go, a little bit about me… I’m originally from Little Rock, AR and just recently moved to Nashville to pursue my career in singing full time. In my day to day life, I spend my time writing and playing music, learning and doing all sorts of things including diving deeper in my faith and living out a healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait to share more about what makes me, me!

If there is anything you guys want to see here, please leave a comment below or send me an email.